Captain America Shield for Kids Plush Pillow Cosplay Props Red – 14“


The best birthday present for your kids who like superheroes. Great for Christmas, Halloween, or as a dress up party for kids. Let their imagination run wild as they dress up as their favorite superheroes and heroically save the world!

ודא שזה מתאים על-ידי הזנת מספר הדגם שלך.
100% Polyester
100% Polyester.Very soft and comfortable for hugging.
Two Elastic Straps Ensure Kid’s Excellent Cosplay Experience: To support kids in wearing the shield like Captain America
Kids can play and pretend to be Captain America with it, without any harm since it's soft
this captain america replica shield will be a perfect gift. Great for Christmas, Halloween, or a birthday party and dress up party.
Minimum age + 12 months

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